Admin Assistant

Free Job Interview Questions
The liaison for all things office-related, a dependable administrative assistant can markedly reduce your day-to-day workload. Finding a decisive, quick-thinker is necessary; you can trust them to make choices some choices without the constant need for approval and training will take less time.

We want to help you find that kind of employee, so we've comprised a list below of some questions to ask possible administrative assistants in an interview.

  • What qualities would you bring to the table that are necessary for this position?

  • Why do you want to work here?

  • Why are you leaving your last position?

  • Explain a time when you were detail-oriented and how that benefited the position

  • Explain a time you've had a disagreement with your boss and what you did to solve it

  • What software are you comfortable using or have experience with?

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