Administrative Assistant

Free Job Description Template
If you want to increase your chances of hiring the right person for the position of administrative assistant, you need to write a proper job description. Here is one that you can use.

Administrative assistant main responsibilities:

- Supporting both employees and managers with administrative tasks
- Being the jack of all trades and working on different tasks every day
- Communicating and corresponding with both employees and clients

Administrative assistant job description:

We are looking for someone capable of carrying out the responsibilities and duties of an administrative assistant. This includes providing support on an administrative level and making sure that the office operations are efficient.

Both employees and managers will rely on you to help them with different tasks concerning communication and organization. You will be handling time-sensitive and confidential material.

Responsibilities of an administrative assistant:

- Handling direct phone calls
- Scheduling and organizing appointments and meetings
- Organizing and managing contact lists
- Booking travels
- Generating and sharing reports
- Generating presentations
- Answering requests and questions
- Talk to visitors and offer support
- Managing and ordering office supplies
- Generating and sharing faxes, letters, and memos

Job requirements:

- Assistant or admin experience
- Ability to prioritize and multitask
- Time management
- Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
- MS office proficient
- Minimum education: high school diploma (candidates with college degree preferred)
- Acquainted with office procedures and management systems
- Problem-solving ability and attention to detail
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