Baby Sitter

Free Job Interview Questions
In charge of others, finding the right babysitter will directly influence the ability to enjoy a break from supervising children. Taking care of kids is a job, so treat it like one. If you need to outsource the work to a babysitter for a night, then make sure that they're qualified to provide adequate care. With that said, having thorough interview questions is imperative. Use any of the ones you like below and good luck!

  • Please describe your experience working with kids.

  • How would you handle disciplining a kid when their parents are gone?

  • Would you let someone under 4 watch TV if the parents didn't specify? Why or why not?

  • Why do you like working with children?

  • What about your personality makes you easy to work with children?

  • Are you certified in CPR or have any other safety certifications?

  • What kinds of activities do you like to do with children to keep them busy?

  • List three words that references would use to describe you

  • How do you handle work when you disagree with the parents' parenting style?

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