Free Job Description Template
Finding a reliable and trustworthy Babysitter is not an easy thing to do. Hopefully, our babysitter job description template will help you do it with ease.

Main responsibilities of a babysitter:

● Engage with children in activities at home.
● Monitor and keep the children safe until the parents are back home.

Babysitter Job Description:

We are looking for a person to start working at our home as a babysitter. The best person for this job should be able to understand and take full responsibility for the wellbeing and health of children when we are are not at home.

We are looking for both an energetic and compassionate individual who like spending their time with children. Also, our future babysitter has to be passionate and ambitious about taking care of the children and providing extraordinary child-tending services.

A good candidate for this job should display exceptional attention to detail, creativity, communication skills, be able to keep up with children throughout the day and possess skills and knowledge to discipline them appropriately.

Responsibilities of a Babysitter:

● Creating daily schedules and plans for activities with children.
● Engaging with children in pre-planned activities.
● Keeping the play area safe and free from potential hazards.
● Monitoring children constantly during work hours.
● Chaing diapers, dressing children, and assisting them with their snacks.
● Teaching children the importance of numerous health habits and personal hygiene.
● Discipling children if the need occurs.
● Thinking of creative ways to spend time with children.
● Keeping a record for the children – activities, meals, medications, and so on.

Babysitter Job Requirements:

● Must be at least 18 years old.
● Must carry a high school or equivalent diploma.
● Must have at least 6 months of childcare experience.
● Must have training in CPR and first aid.
● Must pass a background check.
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