Free Job Offer Letter Template
Dear [Applicant Name],

[Company Name] is excited to bring you on board as a bartender.

There are only a few formalities to address before getting down to business. We appreciate you taking the time to review the [Company Name] formal offer. Below, you will find important details, including the terms and conditions for employment with our company, compensation, benefits, as well as your role in our company.

If you are interested in working as a bartender, [Company Name] is offering a [full time, part time] bartender position, reporting to [manager, supervisor] starting on [proposed start date] at [workplace location]. Expected hours of work are [hours of work, days of the week].

Upon accepting our offer, you will be compensated in accordance with [Company Name]'s standard payroll schedule, at a pay rate of [a monetary amount in a specified currency] on a [time interval] basis. Your first paycheck will arrive on [date of the first salary].

[Company Name] has an active employee benefits program. Once you join our team, you will be eligible for the following benefits: [health insurance, vacation policy, dental insurance, and other benefits].

As a new [Company Name] bartender, you will be responsible for providing guests with courteous and professional services, increasing revenue by applying up-selling techniques, and meeting sales targets as prescribed by our team.

If you agree with the abovementioned terms and accept our job offer, please indicate your agreement by signing and dating this agreement on or before [offer expiration date]. Upon receiving your acceptance of this employment offer, [Company Name] will provide you with all the necessary instructions and paperwork.

Sincerely, [Sender Name]


Company Representative



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