Catering Staff

Free Job Description Template
Looking for qualified catering staff to take over your food service duties? Feel free to use this copy-paste friendly template as is or customize it based on your specific requirements.

The Main Responsibilities of Catering Staff:

● Planning food menus in consultation with customers
● Preparing food for various events
● Transporting food to and from various event locations

Catering Staff Job Description:

We are looking for qualified catering staff to take over our food service duties at various indoor and outdoor events. We are searching for a team that can plan a variety of delicious food menus to meet the needs of our every customer.

The catering staff working with us must be able to prepare food in a clean kitchen area and comply with all the health and safety regulations while doing so. It must also be able to transport food to and from various venues, as well as decorate all the food-serving areas and clean them after the events.

Outstanding customer service is a must, so the catering staff we hire must always meet all out customers' needs and expectations, as well as attend to all the potential customer complaints in a professional and friendly manner.

Responsibilities of Catering Staff:

● Planning food menus according to customer needs and expectations
● Preparing food in a healthy and clean kitchen environment
● Consulting with customers about any potential changes before every event
● Transporting food to and from venues
● Decorating food-serving areas at the venues
● Cleaning food-serving areas after the events
● Serving food and drinks at the venues
● Making sure the supplies are well-organized and stocked
● Knowing all the food ingredients
● Providing excellent customer service

Catering Staff Job Requirements:

● Excellent cooking and food preparation skills
● Catering experience is a plus
● A certificate in culinary arts is a plus
● Good food decorating skills
● Great attention to detail
● Good communication and organizational skills
● Ability to meet deadlines
● A friendly and positive attitude
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