Free Job Interview Questions
Dishwashers are very underrated employees at any food establishment. Food is the priority, and food obviously can't be served without being plated. Therefore, hiring an efficient staff of dishwashers is crucial to a smooth service.

If you have model back-of-house staff already, then you know what qualities to look for in a potentially successful dishwasher. If not, then ask the questions below and find out if candidates meet your requirements.

  • Please describe your past experience and why you are looking to work with us.

  • Do you possess the ability to stand for long hours?

  • How many dishes can you wash an hour?

  • What are your aspirations at this establishment?

  • How do you handle following directions? Do you have patience for demanding coworkers?

  • Please explain a time that you've been proactive and completed something without being asked

  • Why should we hire you in this kitchen?

  • How would your former employer describe your work ethic?

  • Are you willing to work late hours and weekends?

  • Please list any allergies?
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