Free Job Interview Questions
For businesses that rely on deliveries, the importance of having delivery drivers should come as no surprise. Not only are they responsible for transporting inventory to your customers in an orderly and timely fashion, they are the oftentimes the face of your company. Drivers' attitudes are a direct reflection of the work culture instilled in your company. Hiring effective employees with the utmost professionalism can be a boon to business. However, while many people are qualified to drive, not everyone is qualified to drive as a profession. Therefore, implementing a strong interview is necessary.

In this position, like many others, customer service skills are of high priority. However, driving as a profession requires concentration and physical requirements as well. It shouldn't need to be said that inattentive drivers can be a liability to you, themselves, and others while on the road. The questions below, both basic and open-ended, can be used in your interview to gauge the experience of your prospective candidates.

  • Is your car reliable?

  • How long have you been driving?

  • Have you ever been pulled over?

  • Have you ever been in a car accident?

  • What makes a good delivery driver?

  • What helps you maintain focus and a good attitude when you've been on the road for a long stretch of time?

  • What steps would you follow after realizing you've gotten into a car accident while on the job?

  • A customer is upset about a late delivery, what is your response?

  • A customer complains to you that this is not what they ordered, how do you handle this?

  • You have been driving for a long time in heavy traffic, you finally arrive to your destination but realize the address is incorrect or does not exist in real life, what do you do?

  • Are you comfortable handling cash?

  • Do you have car insurance?

  • What are some things you can do to exceed a customer's expectations when doing a delivery?

  • Are you comfortable lifting 50-70lbs?

  • Are you comfortable driving for extended periods?

  • How familiar are you with the roads and general direction in this area?

  • Do you have any prior experience with delivery jobs or ride-sharing jobs?

  • What challenges did you face at your previous jobs that would be relevant to this position?
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