Free Job Offer Letter Template
Dear [Applicant Name],

We are excited to have you on board as a [Company Name] driver.

Before we get to all the formalities, we must ask you to please review our formal letter. It will inform you on everything you need to know concerning your compensation and benefits, as well as introduce you to the terms and conditions of your employment with [Company Name].

[Company Name] is offering you a [full-time, part-time, or else] job at the driver position, starting on [proposed start data]. The expected work hours for the driver position are [days of week and hours of work].

As a driver at our company, you will be compensated at a pay rate of [a monetary amount in a specified currency] per [hour, week, month, year]. We will compensate you on a [weekly, monthly, annual] basis, in accordance with our standard payroll schedule, starting on [date of the first pay period].

The driver position at [Company Name] also makes you eligible for receiving [bonus, profit sharing, commission structure, stock options, if applicable]. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive employee benefits program, which includes [health insurance, dental insurance, stock plan, retirement plan, paid time off, vacation policy, and other benefits, if applicable].

Your main responsibilities as a [Company Name] driver will be to transport our clients to their desired destinations in a safe and timely manner, plan the best routes based on road and traffic conditions, and maintain the vehicle to keep it clean, comfortable, and safe.

If you have any further questions about your position as a driver at [Company Name], please let me know, so I can provide you with all the information you need.

If you agree with the aforementioned terms and choose to accept our job offer, please confirm your acceptance by signing this agreement on or before [offer expiration date].

Sincerely, [Sender Name]

[Sender Job Title]

[Company Name]


[Sender Signature]


Applicant Signature

Date: ______________

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