Free Job Description Template
Are you looking for a reliable and qualified lifeguard? Take a look at this template job description, and feel free to use it as is, or customize it to fit your specific needs.

Main Responsibilities of a Lifeguard:

● Overseeing all activities and identifying safety issues
● Recognizing signs of danger
● Performing first aid procedures

Lifeguard Job Description:

We're looking to hire an observant lifeguard who is highly responsible and who can ensure the safety of our patrons.

The perfect candidate for this job is able to identify any risks, think quickly, and respond appropriately. Safety always remains a top priority, but customer satisfaction should not be overlooked. The right person for this job will be able to work with people of different ages and backgrounds, treating all patrons with respect and a positive attitude.

The main responsibility of a lifeguard is keeping everyone safe from harm, so excellent skills in the water are essential. A successful applicant will be considered for swimming lessons as well, and good communication skills are greatly appreciated.

The position of a lifeguard should not be treated lightly, so we're looking for a qualified and responsible individual who can meet all our requirements.

Responsibilities of a Lifeguard:

● Closely monitoring pool-related activities.
● Monitoring weather reports to ensure everyone's safety.
● Directing swimmers outside the water in hazardous conditions.
● Providing assistance to patrons.
● Providing emergency care until the arrival of medical services.
● Performing maintenance duties to ensure a clean and safe environment.
● Explaining and enforcing the rules, regulations, and policies.
● Maintaining appropriate activity reports.

Lifeguard Job Requirements:

● 16 years of age and older
● Valid ARC certification
● First aid and CPR certification
● Physically fit, agile, and strong
● Good communication skills
● Previous related experience preferred
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