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The first line of defense for most potential pool liabilities, lifeguards are becoming increasingly necessary to employ as it gets closer to summer. Finding an attentive lifeguard can be difficult because many people these days know how to swim, so employing someone to supervise swimmers can seem redundant. However, it's assumptions like these that makes lifeguards more crucial than ever.

Find out which candidates that will constantly supervise, regardless of swimmers' capabilities. The following questions will help discern who is likely to doze off in the chair and who is willing to put the responsibility of swimmers in his or her hands.

  • Summer availability

  • How do you pay attention while sitting for so long?

  • CPR and safety experience

  • Explain a time where you had to react quickly to a situation and what you did to handle it

  • Why do you want to be a lifeguard?

  • What necessary skills for this position do you embody most and why?

  • What are five things you need to be 'rescue-ready'?

  • How would you engage with someone at the pool who is impolite or fails to follow directions?

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