Movie Usher

Free Job Description Template
If you're looking to hire a movie usher, take a look at our movie usher job template. Feel free to use it as is, or make any necessary changes according to your specific requirements.

Main Responsibilities of a Movie Usher:

● Ensure the cleanliness of theaters, cinemas, and auditoriums
● Examine tickets or passes
● Maintain order inside the premises

Movie Usher Job Description:

We're looking for a movie usher to become part of our theater crew. Our ushers are expected to be communicative, friendly, and responsible.

Our ideal movie usher should provide all our customers with a pleasant experience and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. We take pride in our excellent customer service, which is why we're looking for someone who can treat all our guest kindly, patiently, and attentively.

Movie ushers have many responsibilities, and we're looking for a person who can meet all our requirements. The main responsibility of a movie usher is greeting the guests and ensuring safety. Their duties also include controlling access to the theaters and assisting customers with finding their seats.

The person we hire needs to be agile and physically fit, as they'll be required to stand on their feet during the majority of their shifts. Great communication with customers and other staff members is necessary, so our ushers need to be team players and have a positive attitude.

Responsibilities of a Movie Usher:

● Checking ticket stubs
● Assisting customers in finding their seats
● Ensuring no food is being brought in from the outside
● Ushering customers out of the theaters
● Providing assistance in case of emergency
● Changing posters
● Cleaning theaters, cinemas, and auditoriums
● Ensuring customers are not disturbing others during the show

Movie Usher Job Requirements:

● A high school diploma or its equivalent
● Good communication skills
● Must be flexible and able to work in shifts
● Previous experience in a similar position preferred
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