Security Guard

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Looking for a qualified security guard for your business? Feel free to use this copy-paste friendly template as is or customize it based on your specific requirements.

Main Responsibilities of a Security Guard

● Maintains safety and security in the working environment.
● Ensures the safety and security of employees and customers.
● Patrols and monitors premises and personnel.

Security Guard Job Description

We are looking for a seasoned and experienced security guard who will always be on top of his performance and maintain a secure and safe working environment for both customers and employees.

We have in mind a perfect candidate, one who is fully committed to the job and has all the necessary skills and requirements to show initiative in maintaining safety and security, as well as a good dose of team spirit. Our perfect candidate must be a person with attention to detail and a knack for problem-solving.

A qualified and highly trained candidate must have all the necessary skills to maintain safety and security at all times, as we can't leave anything to chance. The safety and security of both employees and customers is the highest priority and we're looking for the top-level candidates with long years of experience.

Responsibilities of a Security Guard

● Secures personnel and premises by patrolling the property.
● Inspects equipment and buildings.
● Inspects access points to permit entry.
● Monitors surveillance equipment.
● Sounds alarms to obtain help.
● Prevents damage and losses by reporting irregularities.
● Informs violators of procedures and policy.
● Restrains trespassers.
● Controls traffic by instructing and directing drivers.
● Records surveillance activities, occurrences, information and observations to complete reports.
● Obtains signatures and interviews witnesses.

Security Guard Job Requirements:

● Professionalism
● Reporting skills
● Safety management
● Integrity
● Emotional control
● Dependability
● Objectivity
● Good judgment
● Deals with uncertainty
● Surveillance skills
● Lifting
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