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Free Job Interview Questions
Employing the proper person to be store manager requires you to believe in their abilities to run your establishment while simultaneously supervising the work of other employees. The amount of responsibility held by the store manager can certainly be taxing on an individual. While experience helps, store managers must be able to think quickly. Assuming you hire a manager from elsewhere or a familiar employee from within, their knowledge of specific job functions will not be the most important factor in reaching a decision.

Instead what matters is the ability of prospective store managers to adapt to a wide array of situations. Consequently, below is a list of many questions and issues that may arise during a shift. Posit them to your candidates and discover the right person for the job.

  • Part of your job is keeping track of all your employees. What do you do if you notice an employee is consistently clocking in before their shift starts and waiting extra time to clock out after their shift ends?

  • How do you handle the situation when an employee is noticeable sick at work?

  • How do you handle the situation when an employee approaches you with an irate customer and you need to calm them down?

  • How do you make sure your staff follows procedures even when you're not around?

  • Why do you think it's important to consistently dress professionally?

  • If an employee is struggling at their position for awhile, how would you help fix the issue?

  • What qualifies you to be a store manager?

  • What are some personality traits that every good manager should have?

  • You are understaffed during the busiest day of the week. What can you do to make this situation less stressful?

  • Describe your preferred management style.

  • Describe a time you were faced with a difficult problem and what you did to resolve it.

  • If an employee approached you with evidence that another employee was stealing, how would you go about the issue?

  • How to you handle working, but especially managing, during high-stress situations?

  • How would you hold your team accountable for their actions and words?

  • How do you handle an altercation between two employees?

  • An employee asks to speak to you privately and shares personal information about their life that's affecting their ability to work on the job. What is your reaction and how do you help the employee?

  • What are qualities you look for when hiring a new employee for the job?

  • How do you motivate your team before a busy shift?

  • How would you increase profits without changing prices?

  • What can you bring to this company?
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