Free Job Description Template
Are you looking for a talented and experienced tutor in all subject areas? Let us help you find one with this ready-to-use tutor job description template. Feel free to edit it as you please, according to your specific needs.

Main responsibilities of a tutor:

● Travel every day to a pre-arranged destination to conduct tutoring sessions
● Research relevant literature and provide exceptional tutoring services

Tutor Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced tutor able to provide academic instructions to students in a non-classroom environment.

The perfect candidate for this job should display excellent communication skills and be passionate and creative about tutoring. The tutor we would like to carry out tutoring sessions at our (home, school, library, etc) should also be creative and innovative and be able to create personalized learning paths for students.

We would like to hear from you if you are willing to offer compassionate and motivating assistance to students. We expect from our tutors to be able to organize and carry out different learning group activities. Candidates with a teaching certificate will have have a priority.

Responsibilities of a Tutor:

● Meeting students on a daily basis and going over their assignments
● Assessing student needs and identifying subject areas that give them trouble
● Reviewing test scores and working on the questions that gave students problems
● Keeping a record for each student and following up with each one of them later
● Communicating with parents about anything that requires immediate attention
● Researching any learning material relevant to the subject matter
● Providing feedback to students to promote learning

Tutor Job Requirements:

● Must possess excellent communication skills
● Must have at least 6 months of experience tutoring children and teenagers
● Must have established proficiency in the "subject" matter
● Must have access to reliable transportation
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