Free Job Interview Questions
Learning is hard, which is why tutors are so important. With tutoring, there's the implicit knowledge that the teacher knows two things: the material being taught, and how to teach the material. That's an important distinction to make, because showing is not always teaching. A tutor needs to inspire deep thinking that will help the customer remember the knowledge for themselves.

Many people are extremely smart, but they may not be able to patiently convey their knowledge. A qualified tutor is determined and patient, which are not always easy to see in a person upon first impression. Try to learn more by asking the questions below to candidates in your upcoming interviews.

  • Explain a time at work when you've had to practice patience and what happened?

  • What do you hope to gain from tutoring?

  • What does education mean to you?

  • Why do you feel you can be patient enough to help teach others?

  • What is your preferred teaching style and why?

  • How would you deal with a distracted student that doesn't want to learn at the moment?

  • Please describe your educational experience and why you think that qualifies you to be a tutor.

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