Free Job Description Template
A valet is a vital piece of the customer experience puzzle. Let us help you find an experienced and qualified valet with this template. Feel free to use it as is or edit it to reflect your specific needs and preferences.

Main responsibilities of a Valet:

● Provide an exceptional experience and leave a positive impression with the guests arriving and leaving the establishment
● Find a parking space for the customers
● Retrieve vehicles for the customers
● Deliver an exceptional customer service

Valet Job Description:

Our company currently needs an experienced valet to help us delight our customers (guests, clients), and contribute to the overall customer experience in our establishment.

We are looking for a person who is well-organized, good with cars, reliable, careful and has great communication skills and attention to detail. The valet on our staff will be responsible for the parking and retrieval of guests' vehicles and evaluating and documenting any vehicle damage before giving out the valet receipt ticket.

A person we are looking for must be comfortable driving any kind of vehicle, big and small. The ability to learn and adapt quickly will be welcomed as a valet has to be able to promptly answer any queries the guests might have.

Responsibilities of a Valet:

● Providing a claim check to the guests as well as instructions on how to reclaim the vehicle
● Parking and retrieving guest vehicles
● Giving travel directions and other relevant information
● Giving timely reports
● Documenting all activities
● Being professional and treating customers as instructed
● Delivering a well-informed service

Valet Job Requirements:

● Must have a valid driver's license
● Must carry a high school (or equivalent) diploma
● Must know and obey all traffic regulations
● Must have excellent hand-eye coordination
● Must have basic knowledge of customer service best practices
● Must be in excellent health and condition
● Must be very fast and efficient
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