Free Job Interview Questions
If you have them in your employ, valets are often the first staff members of yours to engage with customers. If you want to give customers an exceptional first impression of your establishment, then exceptional valets are needed.

Absolutely included under the umbrella of customer service jobs, the best valets must always be approachable and provide guests with a sense of security. Letting strangers drive your car takes a leap of faith. Don't make your guests make a leap of faith and hire the right valets by using the questions below in your next interview.

  • Can you drive stick shift?

  • Previous applicable experience

  • Why should someone trust you to drive their car?

  • Driving record

  • What does customer service mean to you?

  • How would you respond if a clearly-intoxicated customer wanted to drive their car?

  • What would make you leave this job?

  • Are you comfortable working in poor-weather conditions?

  • How would you go above and beyond as a valet?
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